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Why Me?

“Why you?” Seth-Sagan asks with a slight scoff.

“I get it, I’m pretty capable, but I’m not exactly a thug,” you say.

“That’s exactly why. You need to be more than a thug; someone who can reason, think on their feet, someone that can GSD. Things are changing in the city, the boss has his eyes on some new territory,” says Seth Sagan.

“GSD?” you ask.

“Get shit done.”

“The boss, I thought you were the boss?” you ask.

“You have no idea what’s going on here. How long have you been working for me?”

“I was a look-out for a few years, but last year you put me up to courier,” you reply.

“And what have you been running?”

“Blackwater, eye candy, maybe some other shit.  I don’t use it, I take the snacks and sell them to street creeps. You know I can’t use.”

“You could use, you choose not to,” he says with a nod.

“What’s your point?”

“You have a bigger part to play in this, KK,” he says.

“No offense, but I don’t want it. I’d leave if I could, but Big Daddy Zeta is the only other gig in town and I ain’t looking to die that way.”

“We think you’re ready for more. If we move into Arcadia, we’ll need people we can trust.”

“I see. When you say we, you don’t mean me. Whose moving where, what’s going on?” you ask.

“Juedon, he’s the future, KK.  I’m not saying everything right now, I can’t, but trust me, one day you’re going to be working for Juedon. He’s taken an interest in you,” Seth Sagan says.

You don’t like the idea that Juedon even knows who you are. Years ago he was part of the government that tried to make custom kids. He signed the bills to make the GMOs.  He’s also the man behind the drugs, the same drugs that make your pod-kin go insane.  He also ordered the purge.  Everything that is bad about your life goes back to Juedon. The thought that he has anything to do with your life feels off, but as you noted, in one way or another, you all work for him.

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