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What Truth?

“If this is it, let me tell you a truth. I was in the slave pits; ten years old fighting dogs and slaves.  You brought me out of it. I don’t know if I can save you but, I want to try. The way you saved me. You’re a father to me.”

“That ain’t what went down and I ain’t no one’s father. I sold my kids for Black Water to some White-classers. They ain’t dead, they’re in the uppers and adopted out of my filth.  As for saving you, I didn’t do it because I saw something there. I’d have killed you like any other GMO, ‘cept your father, your real father, the man whose blood made you, ordered me to get you out of there.”

“My parents died in the purges.”

“Juedon had two sons built, KK.  Two.  You and your brother. People will do anything for their kids, but I ain’t people.  Run to Juedon, run fast, run hard, and live.”

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