” I am lost, and trying to find my way home.”

There is a moment of quiet and then the ground rumbles and lightly shakes.   You worry that the cave you are in will collapse.

“Ah little Teuton, is that not what we all are looking for.  Home. How did you come here?”

“I was on a ship, the Decatur, we were ambushed by the Asa Lani Fel.   My ship crashed and I am the only survivor.”

“As am I, little Teuton, as am I.  I have little power left, where I to strike you down, it would be the last of me.  You will fight me Teuton and grant me that last glory.”

You Ignite your Vorpal Blade: “To the death!”

All soldiers must retire, you have done your duty….now you must rest.