Days turn to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years.  You thought several times about wandering into the desert, perhaps to find home, perhaps to let it take you.  Anything to end the loneliness. For a time you had a friend, a lost Fel warrior.  Rather than fight to the death you both decided that it would be easier to survive together than alone.  He stayed in the desert but came every day…for years.  Then one day you realized he was nothing more than a heap of rocks.

Years of sun and radiation have aged you and filled your gut with tumors and pain.  Your brands are faded, your hair long and gray, and your skin now rough like the rocks you live in.  You will not let the sun take you, you will fight, you will be defiant.  Then one day age takes you.

While cleaning the dew catchers you fall, and fragile bones snap.  Unable to escape your old nemesis, the sun, you slowly bake alive.  As you fade you burn your brands with one last bit of will.  Let someone find you….and then  boiling darkness.


300 years later an Aldari Archaeological team discovers your bones.   The worm-headed quadruped notes in an alien tongue, “How lonely to die here.”