In the days of the divisive war when Tribe fought against Tribe, weapons of great regret were created.   Most have been lost to the sands, however, a class of weapon called a Vorpal has survived.   A Vorpal Sword is a custom hilt that houses one or more cyber infected animus stones.   These stones, when powered, create a microscopic tear in space/time.  Sometimes referred to as a rift blade, the rip appears as a rod of pure energy emitting from the handle.  The blades are unique each having its own group of characteristics. Some blades have powerful spirits contained in them. These Apoc-Vorpals are rare and usually kept in the protected archive deep inside the Cimbric Tower.

Vorpal Swords are generally passed from generation to generation.  Many of these swords have been given names or titles that show their lineage or history.  The Cimbric High Council has forbid any non-Teuton from using a blade in combat, however many Tigir, and Suebi families own them.   It is not unusual for these houses to hire out Teutons to wield these blades to protect caravans or outposts.

Famous Swords from History

Sword of Aesomi:  This emerald green blade was held for several generations by the Aesomi Clan.  It was used in early in the Divisive Wars and responsible for destroying Eybem, the great machine god of data.  In an epic fight using the first Animus hulled airships and Tigir named H’lel Aesomi lept from his airship and into the giant mechas open wounds, killing it from the inside, and ending the Suebi advance.

A pure high carbon Animus Alloy holds three rotating cyber-infected Animus stones.  The stones were said to be from the deepest rifts in the Dead lands.

Blade Color:Emerald Green

Notable Apps:  Creates a 360 degree blast wave of pure force strong enough to throw a full grown Asa Lani Fel a full 6 meters.

Spirits Within: Castor Nightmare.  Powerful and malicious, when released will create a chaos storm that the user of the blade is not immune to.  Castor Nightmare is said to be a shard of the Dae Usara Gods trapped within the Animus that forges the blade.