The worlds first Transpoetic Comic-Scroll

Vatican Assassins is a new concept in print media; a comic scroll.  It is art, lyrics, media, music, and spoken word fused into an ongoing chronicle and presented in an ancient format. Scrolls are an old way to collect stories, ideas, and concepts made new again.  Integrated to the web with QR codes, but made to be held in your hands for that tactile satisfaction.  We use modern storytelling tools to create trans-poetic, deep concept ideas delivered in a treasured and mystic format. Be one of the first to get the collectable print scroll at Kickstarter.

Pre-production Mockup

“It’s not what, but why…”

In the folds between time and iteration sits an ancient structure made of steam, steel, and magic. Its shape and size can never be known, only that it can bridge from one time to another. Its builders are lost and extinguished from existence, but its purpose remains: find the atrocities, end them, and bring a better tomorrow.

Five warriors empowered by magic, technology, immortal skills, travel time, and iteration. Their job is to kill dictators, serial killers, and mass murderers, in a covert war to stop the ancient evil Djinn. The Djinn are atrocity worshipers who are trying to create a single timeline of never-ending war.

When they win, the sun rises on a beautiful dawn, and when they fail…atrocity. This strike team-family of immortal misfits, drawn from various eras, is the last line of defense from a war without end.

Cries of Time

by Nick Creary-Scher and Jo Vasquez

Solo RPG Games

Learn about the lore of the Vatican Assassins in this exciting series of solo role-playing adventures. Clues are hidden in the stories if you choose the right path, and they will unlock lost lore and hidden merch. If you’re lucky or diligent you will find digital treasure, posters, d20 Character stats, and codes to unlock the VA Lexicon.

Grandpa’s Paradox

While serving time in the Bourbon County jail, you stumble upon a mystery. An old man with a stunning secret tells you that there is a way to escape this world and that he comes from another Earth. The promise of a world without hate calls to you, but the old man has...

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How Rahnna Got Her Guns

As a young woman living in the Mare Chrysium, you haven't had a lot of excitement in your life. The population of Luna has always avoided the stressors and fanatical ways of the Earthbound. That all changes when an assassin claiming to be from the future has come to...

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Bottom of the Klein Bottle

Before you stands the 23rd Archive of the Great Bridge. There are no books in this library, only a stylized metal chair with coiled wires and steam pipes running into it. A copper, colander-like, headpiece dangles from the ceiling of the small round iron room that you...

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The Vatican Assassins Lexicon

Every article in the Lexicon is password protected. Clues to the passwords are hidden in the proper endings in the Solo RPGs along with digital loot.

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