Pre-production Mockup

“Fighting for a better tomorrow..”

The next innovation in comics is here. Vatican Assassins is the world’s first TransPoetic comic scroll.

In the folds between time and iteration five warriors empowered by magic and immortal skills, travel the universe battling dark forces. Their job is to kill dictators, serial killers, and mass murderers, in a covert war to stop an ancient evil called the Djinn. The Djinn are atrocity worshipers who are trying to create a single timeline of never-ending war. When the Vatican Assassins win, the sun rises on a beautiful dawn, and when they fail…atrocity. This strike team-family of immortal misfits, drawn from various eras, is the last line of defense against a war without end.

Vatican Assassins is a new concept in print media.  It is art, media, music, and spoken word fused into an ongoing chronicle and presented in an ancient format. Scrolls are an old way to collect stories, ideas, and concepts; made new again.

Cries of Time

by Nick Creary-Scher and Jo Vasquez | Origin of the Great Bridge



Cries of Time (Soundtrack Version)

by Nick Creary-Scher and Jo Vasquez | Origin of the Great Bridge

Heat of Battle

by Shane Ward | Origin of the Great Bridge

Solo RPG Games

Learn about the lore of the Vatican Assassins in this exciting series of solo role-playing adventures. Clues are hidden in the stories if you choose the right path, and they will unlock lost lore and hidden merch. If you’re lucky or diligent you will find digital treasure, posters, d20 Character stats, and codes to unlock the VA Lexicon.

Bottom of the Klein Bottle

Learn about Kazex Kepler’s world, where he comes from, and what he lost, in this powerful and moving Solo RPG.

The Kiss of Rahnna Darr

Rahnna Darr, born in medieval India was trained in Varma Kalai against her family’s wishes.  A Solo RPG of tragic love and combat.

The Grandpa Paradox

While serving time in jail, you stumble upon an old man with a stunning secret of how to escape this world and into another…

The Vatican Assassins Lexicon

Every article in the Lexicon is password protected. Clues to the passwords are hidden in the proper endings in the Solo RPGs along with digital loot.

(Yes we know it’s gonna be on Reddit!)

Cyber Narcos

A gang that has generationally been the center of drug trafficking in Paradise City. Chain family (chosen family, not pod kin) form the backbone of an honor-bound organization. Elders work with city officials and politicians while street-level couriers and street...

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Black Water

Black Water is a constructed phage virus that infects the pleasure centers of the brain. It is delivered in a syringe ampule with a saline nutrient solution. The nutrients are there to counter the near-comatose state that often occurs with the infection. The phage is...

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Jovian Superstructure

Taking nearly 600 years to build, this massive 696,731.46 km toroidal superstructure forms an artificial ring around the planet Jupiter. The interior of the torrid forms the downward floor while the exterior has large sections of clear Axial Alloy that lets in...

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Red-Class Citizen

There are several tiers of citizenship that are color-coded to work, training, and education. Depending on the era, each color wanes and ascends in political influence, with the exception of the lower educational tiers: The Red Class.

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