You are the only survivor…

Your name is Endo Ducati of the Firebase Columbia, Baalzowt Battlegroup.  You were born with glowing green brands; genetic tattoos that allow you to “fatebend”. You can change probability to your favor. You don’t miss when you strike and what you strike dies.

You are a lancer second class on a Cimbric Airship, and you carry a Vorpal Sword, a Sunskin, a days worth of food, and a Lightstone.  You are a highly trained warrior skilled in fighting 800 lb savage gorilla cats and desert roaming dragons.  As an average Teuton you had a few adventures in battle, but your greatest adventure begins when your airship crashes in the…

Helscape Hammerforge

There was blood everywhere.  Fire and smoke raged in rushing winds.  You had no idea your Airship was going to crash until you saw the ground in front of you. Bodies of tribesmen lay twisted around you, as well as your enemy– the Asa Lani Fel.

The heat of the Hammerforge burns your skin, and though you were born with the blood of a Teuton, high summer can quickly end you.  Your skin quickly darkens in the sun but will be no match for the radiation.  As you raise up from the wreckage you can see the arid world you were born into, a vast dessert of harsh radiation storms and jagged rocks.  A lonely silence takes you as you realize you are the only survivor.

You want to bury your dead, but you won’t survive long enough.  You will have to find shelter first.

Monuments of the past, ancient buildings, reach up randomly through the sand, like giant desiccated fingers from an unseen hand.  There will be refuge from the sun in those ancient structures, but they are not without their own dangers. Infector brood, poison slime, and ancient weapons of war hide within.

In the wasteland, away from the buildings, deep in the seas of sand there are dimensional fractures and caverns. The fabric of time and space was broken when the gods fought the tribes.  These breaches run deep, but often have water and shelter.  Dimensional fractures come and go but are easy to find.   You could be lost for decades if they fade with you inside, but you might have quick access to food water and shelter.

Choose one of the links below to continue your adventure

Explore the buildings and try and find quick shelter from the sun.

Take time and search for dimensional fractures or caverns to find water.