It takes several days to learn a safe route around the Infector hive.  Situated in a large cavern not far from your cell, it takes nearly a half hour of walking in another direction to get to the lower levels.   The underground world is lit mostly by your own light stone and occasionally by glowing slime. The slime is edible and will glow even when your body is done with it. Within a few weeks you have managed to find several small and interesting devices to bring back to you small base. No weapons, or useful tools, but a small collection of fascinating bits that keep your brain occupied.

By the third week you have mapped out what you believe was once a town center.   You feel as if you have made little progress in getting home when a voice comes from the darkness.

“You have come to loot my horde, ” says a deep booming voice.

You do not respond at first, unsure of what you are hearing. you cannot tell where the voice is coming from.

“It thinks I am his imagination, if only that were true.   Tell me little Teuton, how have you come so deep?”

Answer the voice

You’re starting to hear things, best to go back