At night you lock your cell tight with a heavy metal sheet.  You’re sure from outside no one can even tell there was ever a door there.  You have positioned rocks and debris with expert camouflage.  Every morning you carefully creep from you cell and cross back to the wreckage of the Decatur.  You have used some of the Solar Mag sails of the ship to create dew catchers, and you have set traps around the ship.

As a Teuton you have been trained to survive and adapt.  Every Teuton does 12 years of depot. In their fifth year they are put with four others and sent to live in the wilderness for a week.  You didn’t train for the desert. You were born in the cyber forests of the Cydonian Transit, but you are doing well none-the-less. Then, you had four others with you. Today you are alone.

You have several traps and every morning you find at least one of them with food.  Several weeks pass and you come to think that you will never be rescued.  Exploring the desert is dangerous, you could get lost and die a thousand different deaths.  You could wait it out a little longer, or you could explore the depths.  Infectors sleep in the day if they are not disturbed, but greater things may lie below.

Are you cautious or bold?

Better to wait as long as you can; Infectors are scary.

I want to know whats down there, time to dungeon dive.