The remnants reach from the glassed sands and into the red sky.  Nearby you can see the wreckage of your ship, your friends your crew, all gone. You push the feelings down, and you force your feet to move.  If you die, no one will know what happened here.  No one will know how their story ended.  You must survive, not for yourself, but for their memories, to give peace to their loved ones. One step, no thought, two steps, and you look around.

The ancient world of the First Tribe has long been gone.  The skeletal remains of their civilization are all that survive after their wars.  Concrete towers rise from the sand, their surfaces blasted by wind and ages. As you approach you can see the clear signs of Infector Brood.  They leave intricate bone circles in the sand.  Some think it’s a warning, others a lost language, and most die if they linger past sunset.  With the sun blistering your skin you cautiously enter one one of the ruined structures.

The exposed and tattered exterior of this once powerful skyscraper fades as you enter into the shade of its walls.  The darkness does not reduce the heat, but the dry burn is better than the peeling light of the sun. You look around and can see that the interior has long ago collapsed, and all that remains is the shell.  Jagged cross beams and half broken floors open into a dark pit.  Above beams of light cut through the dusty gutted building.

There is food and water below you, edible slime and fungus thrive in the underworld, but so do the Infectors.  They hide in the deep and if they catch you, they will slowly turn your soft tissues into soup. You will melt away for weeks before you eventually die as a puddle of goop. If you climb to the roof you may be able to create a signal for a rescue ship. They could come at any time.



What do you do?

Climb to the top of the building to keep an eye out for rescue craft.

You might be here for a few days, better dig in and find some resources.