You slowly awaken unsure of what has transpired.  You know you should be dead, but instead of the hero songs of dead gods, you  hear the soft humming of a woman singing.   White linens surround you and you feel the gentle rocking of an airship.  A Suebi woman, blue skinned and gentle offers you water.  You try to talk but there is too much pain.

“Shh,” says the girl, “You’re on board an Airship, and you’re safe.  We rescued you from the fire pit.  We would never have found you if it wasn’t for the explosion. We are heading back to Firebase Indica and a Cimbric healer.  They say you are a hero.”

You can feel healing stones around you, and the comforting roll of the ship.   You have done it, you have survived.  You can now tell the tale, not only of your victory, but of your brave brothers and sisters of the Decatur.