Resurrection Government

The Ice War devastated most of the political and civil structures of western remnant of the United States. It saw the consolidation of power of Northern and Southern California into the NorCal Ascension and a significant military land grab. Lake Mead and most of the Colorado river were occupied, as well as Portland and all her surrounding territories. 

Local populations fought back and nearly a decade of struggle and rebellion ensued. It was in the last quarter of the war that the “ice” entered.  NorCal had taken pre-collapse technology and created “bombs” that would draw down sections of the mesosphere using micro-string gravity fractures. The mesosphere is 50 km from the surface of the earth and minus 130 degrees. The instant transfer of the down draft created a near vacuum that would implode and cause a backdraft that instantly froze the surrounding area.  Ice raiders, braced and ready in special mobile bunkers, would then attack survivors and raid any stores of fuel or food.

The exact mechanism wasn’t understood by NorCal, but it brought most cities to a grinding halt and made pillaging easy. The war came to a quick end when several coordinated attacks from the Lone Star, the Phoenix city state, and the Olympic Concordance united.  The battle of Sacramento saw 150,000 casualties from all sides and the securing of the Ice Bomb by the Lone Star state. 

It is well known that Sacramento was one of the few cities that had orbital defenses. Due to internal conflicts a group of NorCal’s elites worked with the attack force and allowed an invasion of the NorCal capital.  

The Resurrection Government was formed from the rebellion within the NorCal Ascension. The rebel leaders, rather than stay set up in Blythe. They brought new economic strategies and  created a trade alliance with the surviving city states along US highway 10. With inspirations of returning the world to its former glory, and Phoenix as its capital, it was agreed that “resurrection’ was the right name for the fledgling government.

The actual “run” is 16 state sponsored caravans that run the 700 mile stretch of highways between Coachella and El Paso.  Offering a variety of fruits, technology, minerals, and the world’s finest naturally grown hemp and marijuana it has built itself as a new up and coming trade nation.

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