What are the Five Tribes?

The five tribes are a group of human survivors who have evolved in the radioactive wastelands of a world called Victory.   Each Tribe is  gifted with unique abilities to alter reality that come from their genetic brands.

The Cimbri

Hidden behind ancient encounter suits it is not known if the CIMBRI are actually human or not.  They appear as domed metallic beings draped in thick insulated robes.  They are the governmental body of the Tribes and often referred to as the Cimbiric Kings.


Cimbir have a unique relationship with Animus. They are able to create, modify, and install applications into it.  These app command the Animus to create a variety of energy and material phenomon.  Some applications can cool the air in a room, create small amounts of nutritional paste, create light, heat, or fire.   Some can create micro rifts that are used in Teuton Vorpals, and some can create quantum locking structures allowing for the great Airships to defy gravity.



The Suebi are blue to purple skinned humans that have built most of the cities and villiages of Victory.  Their skin can vary in color, but their brands are always white with forked wild circular shapes. Their culture is based around a powerful workers union, with every citizen paying dues and dividing labor and responsibilities accordingly.  Houses are lead by female managers with the majority of the laborers being male artisans.  Suebi women are voluptuous, and their males are powerful and hypertrophied.

Subie command the Animus, able to reshape it and create complicated topographies, and forms.  When combined with Cimbric apps they have changed the desert world into a thriving civilization.  Cities have water foundries, and cooling domes, allowing them to live anywhere in the radioactive wastes.

The most significant creations of the Suebi are the hulls of the Airships and the Teuton Vorpal blades.



Desert nomads who raid the tombs and fallen cities of the ancients.  Traveling in mile long caravans Tigir unite the tribes in trade.  Each caravan is its own clan and each clan has its own unique brands.  When lit, Tigir  brand convert their bodies into light and energy and reform in in another location. This line of sight  teleporting had allowed them to explore the depths below victory and bring back secrets of the lost world.

Caravans do not just travel in the desert, the rock below victory is honeycombed with endless caverns and wormholes.  Crafty Tigir have mapped it out over centuries allowing a journey that would take months take only days.



The warrior class of the Tribes and masters of Fatebending.  Teutons are raised from birth to function in small tactical fireteams.  They live fight and die as a team.  Each Teuton can bend fate and when combined in a fire team can take out nearly any threat that comes to their boarders.

Teutons live in the outlands far from the Suebi cities and the main population centers. They live in massive firebases, huge megalithic iron pyramids that allow them to live in the deepest deserts.



Little is known of the Daci as they have been put to near extinction in the Divisive war.  It is rumored that they had the ability to communicate with spirits locked within the animus.  There are known to be lost Daci Athenaeums hidden in the deserts.  Libraries of immense knowledge of the world before the Incursion war.