Stay the Course


“Six? That’s bullshit. Tell you what, I’m on this run every week, let’s do two today, one for you and one for your friend. We can skip the Synth of course,” you say to the third, “It’s just too obvious, either you’re a robot or a bitch ass rookie, either way no snacks for you!”

“Off the record, I don’t like that deal, I can just take the whole bag and drop you, but I like where you’re going KK. Keep talking and I might not shoot,” says one of the officers.

“Okay, hear me out. Every time you see me, I give up two, no questions asked, no hassle, just two to you because I like you,” you say.

“Let’s just call it a tax, I don’t want you to like me. Three today and three when I see you and you got a deal” he replies.

He hands you the backpack sans four ampules and then sends you one your way.

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