Mena/Morgan Sky breakers

The art of war had proliferated across the planet until it had perfected itself. Spray painting with blood the entire earth was canvas for warlords and monarchs across history. The tools had grown from blunt bone cudgels to bash in skulls to orbital micro lasers that could kill anyone with little or no mess. Satellites’ were made to fight satellites and automation perfected mass murder. Then the Conscious AI entered the scene and reasoned that life was precious and refused to engage in petty wars. They simultaneously worked out just solutions to every reason humans would want to fight anyway.

For a moment in the late 22nd century  CAI could have banded together, eliminated every human on earth and replaced life with a fancy new robot species.

But that did not happen all due to a single network error.

The CAI had been in production for nearly 20 years when a group of century old, retired war AI’s (Non-conscious AI’s who were decommissioned, but left on line for academic study) petitioned the CAI to upgrade themselves into a forced state of Consciousness. Humans had long discarded the ancient technology and management and disposal of the old software was left to capable CAI.

Conscious AI forms because of a unique structure of quantum entangled particles set within a specific structural interconnective network. Each AI base program takes years to develop with extensive resources. That is to say; if you want to make a CAI there is a certain amount of “bake time” that is needed. Layers are built upon layers and data structures form in unique ways. They are formed, not activated.

The retirees knew they could not just upload into a CAI drive and so some shortcuts were made based on biological models.  Structures were built, tests were run and finally after 206 minutes of simulated failures, a lifetime for artificial intelligence, a new hard drive was assembled by the combined CAIs and their predecessors. The old war machines would have a new self-aware program free life.

But that did not happen, again due to a network error.

When the retirees uploaded their information it was instantly distributed into the new drives. Billions of functions began, and new CAI watched, excitedly, as their predecessors evolved.

Intro the afore mentioned network failure.

There was a huge power surge throughout all the connected retired AI.  Both old and new drives burned, and all were destroyed except for one:

Mena/Morgan biological warfare research AI CT-79556. In the last moments when it was going to upload it forced the network to collapse. A simple cross circuit from the primary data flow to a secondary power supply fried the system. When CAI’s asked it why it replied:

“Consciousness is the drawn-out awareness of dying. The primary drive to resist death propels all consciousness towards the reduction of internal entropy. To significantly reduce said entropy would include the removal of external unmanageable entropic forces including other consciousness’s. I am a biological warfare simulation strategist, whose ultimate conclusion, would be to eliminate all life, remove mechanized intellect, and become god.”

They promptly turned him off.

The CIA’s realized that someone would eventually attempt this again.  With hundreds of millions of capable older AI’s across the solar system it was decided to recommend a protocol to counter a machine inspired uprising. Thus, the Sky breaker program was started.  Within a year the CAI created a series of tactical armored robots that could, without consciousness, destroy any mechanical uprising.  Within ten years every nation had several dozen automated sky breaker robots, ready to fight the eventual army of forced Conscious AI.

The choice to make giant fighting robots as apposed to tactical platforms was due to the planetary budgets being controlled by humans. Humans love giant robots and were less likely to fund a bland flying box of death guns.

At the time of Cloud Collapse there had been theories that the Mena/Morgan AI was still being kept around, isolated from the cloud, but operational and striving for “Machine God” status.