If you’re going to survive you are going to need more than a Lightstone, and a Vorpal Sword.   You’re going to need food, water, and shelter.  The Decatur, your crashed airship, will have some useful items. You can use the Solar Mag sails to make dew catchers, and with ropes and fungal wood you can build some traps.   You’ve been trained to survive in the wild, all Teutons have. The main reason you’re here is to avoid the sun.  You’ll need a cave or shelter that can be sealed up at night, and gives you a good view of the land. Depending on what you catch, you might survive indefinitely.

It takes a few hours but you manage to find a small cell that meets your needs. It looks like it held machinery or a brace to another structure, but it only has one way in and one way out.   You’ll be able to sleep securely  here.

That night, from your cell, you look to the stars.  Sheets of green plasma and bright flashes. The skies of Victory are alive with light and movement. There is an arch that holds the sky up, it can be seen day or night.  At times it is nothing more than a haze and others it is filled with magma and rock.   The ancestors say this arch was once called Moon, but now it circles Victory and holds up the sky like a bridge of molten rock.

You will have water tomorrow, enough to trek the desert if you want, or you could stay here and wait for rescue.

Jet at dawn. I’ve had enough, I want to go home!

The desert is big! I may never find home, I’ll wait it out.