All you power is gone, your fatebending abilities drained. Both you and the Dragon a pulled from the sky swarmed and bleeding.  The Dragon screams, its betrayed screeches etching in to you heart. Infectors cling to your legs and back, cutting and biting, but you struggle up and with all your might fight to get away.  Not for fear of the saw toothed beasts, but what you know will happen next to the cyber dragon.

Screams and and roars fire out in rapid succession and you fight off the blanket of teeth that mount you.   Perhaps it is best this way, maybe you were meant to die with the dragon, your fates intertwined.  The Infectors would let you live months, maybe years, dismembered in their larders, to be eaten or turned into one of them, but the dragon’s fate was always known.  As its body is torn and sheered by the small monsters, its cyber fusion core destabilizes, and in a blast of blinding light and thunderous rage it leaves this world.  Dragons nuke when they die, and you, the Infectors, and a 400 square meters of desert disintegrate in a million degrees of atomic hate.