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Run Away!

“It’s six ampules or six feet in the ground KK,” says the cop with the bag.

“It’s going to be nothing because the Cyber Narcos are here,” you say enthusiastically and point down the alley.

As both cops turn, you pivot and bolt. You are always amazed at how well that works despite it being seemingly impossible.  Your plan is to dash down the alley, get behind the waste containers for cover, in case they start shooting, and hit the fence. These non-GMO cops can’t run the fences like you can.  You know of a nearby conduit that you can drop into and lose them.

Intention and reality don’t often match up and before you get too far the third officer, with superhuman reflexes grabs you, throws you to the ground, and pins you.  His pistol is in your face, and you can feel the metal dig into your head.

“You really thought that was going to work?” asks the cop with the backpack now standing over you weapon drawn.

“I did, actually.”

“There’s one thing that me and the CN have in common.  We all hate cowards,” he says as he pulls the trigger.


Sorry you have died. Try again or be a quitter.

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