They say that wild Mu’s are intelligent and that when they are captured they lose their spirit.  Captivity is so damaging to them that they self stroke and kill whatever persona they had.  You don’t know if that is true but there is fear in this ones eyes.   Teutons can not know fear, but your eyes meet its and there is a common ground.

Like a geyser of steel teeth, the ground erupts and half meter long metal insects fill the room.  Infectors each have ten legs and chainsaw like bodies with rows of shiny metal teeth hacking out at limbs and guts. They have a flail of the top of their head of steel tentacles with sharp mouths at the end and when they overwhelm you the mouths bite down and inject venom. It numbs you, stops your bleeding, and leaves you paralyzed, alive, and sometimes in bits.

You mount the dragon, unsure if it will allow it or throw you to the horde.   The instant you are on it launches into the sky but not quickly enough and its arm is swathed in Infectors.   The venom will quickly stir through and bring the two of you down to the ground.

Ignite your Vorpal and remove the arm before the venom spreads.

Abandon the beast and try to survive in the sands of the Hammerforge