Vatican Assassin 01

The next innovation in comics is here. Vatican Assassins is the world’s first TransPoetic comic scroll.

In the folds between time and iteration five warriors empowered by magic and immortal skills, travel the universe battling dark forces. Their job is to kill dictators, serial killers, and mass murderers, in a covert war to stop an ancient evil called the Djinn. The Djinn are atrocity worshipers who are trying to create a single timeline of never-ending war. When the Vatican Assassins win, the sun rises on a beautiful dawn, and when they fail…atrocity. This strike team-family of immortal misfits, drawn from various eras, is the last line of defense against a war without end.

Vatican Assassins is a new concept in print media.  It is art, media, music, and spoken word fused into an ongoing chronicle and presented in an ancient format. Scrolls are an old way to collect stories, ideas, and concepts; made new again.


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