Press Harder

You can see the fear in their eyes, as you realize the name ‘Juedon’ has a power of its own. The sense of satisfaction is overwhelming, and you debate running, but then you realize you can use this. 

“Listen here boys, Juedon, has me as his man on the street, and I’m going to need some help to do what the big man wants, you hear?”

This feels good, and you can see the cops realizing who actually has power; you do.

“Listen, KK,–,” says the first cop.

“Mister Kepler, if you please,” you reply.

“Mister Kepler, cops don’t bow to GMO trash.”

“Juedon might disagree,” you smile and burn your delight into the cops’ confused eyes.

You realize however that his confusion isn’t from you but from behind you.  You snap around as the third cop, the Synth brings his pistol to your face.

“You don’t work for Juedon,” it says with a metallic voice, and then pulls the trigger.


you’re dead.

Sometimes a bluff pays off, sometimes it doesn’t.  Try again, or realize you aren’t cut out to make the tough decisions.

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