Portfolio of Jo Vasquez

As I child I dreamed of long-lost horizons. I would stare at works of great artists and become lost in their visions. Today, I try to recapture that feeling in my works. Comic books and science fiction novels have had the greatest influence on me, and my work is often a hybrid of the two. I am also the owner of ICHRONstudio and the 23rd Archive. ICHRON is my web development company, and the Archive is my publication company. Art and businesses are not too dissimilar in the end, both are built on dreams and risk.

23rd ArchiveICHRONstudio

Vatican Assassins

The Vatican Assasins is a passion project that was developed to try out Kickstarter. This was the Coming Soon Poster. 

Cardassian Bartender

My love for all things Star Trek is unbound. This was a texture and lighting study for a digital Cardassian.

Enso Anima

Just prior to the COVID-19 Pandemic I was commissioned to work with a local band named Enso Anima. I worked with them to create a fine art version of their logo and develop an anime-super hero cover based on their personalities and appearance.

Cthulhu invades Wonderland

A popular series on Kickstarter this was a pin-up for a stretch goal.  I learned that the Mock-turtle gets his name from a soup that substitutes beef parts for turtle parts called “mock turtle” soup. 


A fun illustrated short story about 1930’s style caped crusaders dealing with a zombie apocalypse. Heavy research went into developing an understanding of Chicago in the late 1930s. The story features slang, accurate historical references, and homage to the comic book and pulp heroes of that era.

Miracle In COVID

When Anthony was near death from MS and stuck in a catatonic state he contracted COID.  It should have been a death sentence but instead, he woke from his near coma talking and living life once again.

Crybaby Queer: Princes of the Castro

This is a multimedia project that has been a cathartic part of my art. The serial story tells the tale of a teenage runaway. Joey flees an abusive home to San Franciso and explores the wonderland adventure that the 1986 Castro offered. Attention to detail was foremost in building the world under the rainbow.

This project includes extensive cover art for each chapter and a music video.


Media is saturated with unrealistic women. I wanted a piece that walked away from the overly sexualized images that shout off the screen. This was created to be the woman that is not too young or old, but somewhere in between. She is simply a woman mid-way in her journey.

Five Tribes of Victory

This is one of my favorite projects of all time. This was a Rock n Roll fever dream made real. A 16-episode webcomic that was released on Webtoons in 2016 and it was well-received by the audience. Written, illustrated, and designed by me this was one of my biggest solo projects. This project shows sequential panels, use of standard art, 3d assets, and serial story building.


Purgatory is a project that I was commissioned to develop a comic book cover for. Characters were designed by Derek Morado.