Portfolio of Jo Vasquez

I have always seen wonderous things when I close my eyes and just let my mind do as it will. Below are works built from the wanderings of my imagination. Such stuff as dreams are made of…


Web and Print Comics

Five Tribes of Victory is a 16-issue web comic that appeared on webtoons in 2016-2017. It was built from the ground up as a fully developed property.  3d modeling was used in character, setting, and ships, and detailed briefs were developed for each character and setting.


Resume of Jo Vasquez:

Pen and Ink

I’m leading with my strengths.  I love high contrast black and white and I feel this is where my best work is done.

Book Covers

These are all covers for self published games or short stories.


Comic Covers/pin ups

Concept Art

Crazy ideas from distant lands that flow through my head.


3d sculpts were done by Justin Stahler based on designs by me.