“Okay,” you start, “Ima tell you a very short story that you want to hear. Once upon a time there was this very handsome, very smart, very respectable, very—”

“We get it,” says the cop with the backpack, “move to the good part.”

“So, there was this guy, a courier for the CN, and on his way home from school three really fucking—”

“I’m not liking this story,” says the second cop.

“Three really stupid pigs who didn’t realize who they were fucking with jumped him. They thought it was just a penny ante courier running black water for the CN, but it wasn’t.”

“There aint no one else in this territory son, you’re full of shit. This is the CN playground.”

“Juedon.  This is Juedon’s town, Cyber Narcos, Lilly Whites, and the Tuscan Rodeo, they all answer to Juedon,” you say flatly.

“That aint no name to be spouting about, son. I could kill you now just for saying it.”

“I’m working directly for Juedon, and if you don’t believe me, you can pop open my backpack and see what’s in there. It aint black water amps. The choice is yours cop,” you say staring him down.

“You’re lying,” he says.

“What if he’s not?” asks the other.

“Maybe I am. Maybe I’m full of shit, and you lose a couple of amps of Black Water, or Eye-Candy, but if I am on a courier for the boss, and you fuck this up, are you going to answer to him for it?” you say still glaring at him, daring him to doubt you.

You gently take your backpack back.

“Fuck you KK.  Get the hell out of here and if I see you again, I’m gonna shoot first and ask questions later.”

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