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Outwit Everyone

You can’t beat two Synths! You double back to the vent, knowing the PCPD won’t enter, but they’ll be there waiting.  Sure enough, as you move through the piping and get a clear view of the exit mini-missle zoom past you, and you barely avoid an explosive end.

You make a quick scan looking for just the right spot, dark and out of the line of sight of both the cops and the soon-to-arrive Synths. To get to the small space you’ll have to get in the direct line of fire of the cops, who still haven’t entered the underground but are poised at the exit.  With several blinks and rapid pulls of the trigger, you empty your gyro-jet. The fierce attack forces the cops to take cover as you leap up into the dark spot.

You remove your Poncho and shirt, then stuff the shirt into the hood of the poncho to give it some fullness. You remove your belt and tie it around the hood.   As the Synths arrive weapons ready you drop the quick-made mannequin down and sure enough the quick draw Synths send several mini-missiles through it and back at the police. 

The police return fire with multiple strikes to the unsuspecting Synths and despite the stakes of the situation, you release a satisfying giggle.  You drop down, shirtless, and hold your pants up and run deep into the underground. 

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