Nemesis Chronicles

It is the year 2022, mankind had reached deep into the seas and to the far edges of the solar system. Mile-high structures made of bio-resin and memory steel scrape the clouds and carve deep into the crust. Flying cars, submersible cities, and orbital elevators are commonplace, they have been so for decades. It is a world that would seem like our own, but very different.  Beneath the gleaming spires a secret war is being waged.

Teenagers are being taken and reborn as cybernetic soldiers. They are gifted with powers far beyond that of normal humans and brainwashed by a mysterious mother goddess.  She prepares her children for a Jihad against mankind.

Anna was told her brother killed himself. She believed that until the mysterious and powerful Jasmina showed her the truth.

Anna must race against time to find her brother and try to stop the end of human civilization.

Aliens, super beings, and a mystery that spans the universe… these are the Nemesis Chronicles.

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