Book Report from Grant Kilday 8th Grade Mobile Infantry class.

Williams Industrial AE-35 Personal Medical Suite.

With the advent of the indexed viral database in the late 21st century and the development of programable protein machines, the in-home medical suite was born. The first mass-market appliance was a Dick’s Inc. diagnostic bed with robotic armatures designed to work with easy-to-use controls.  Colds, Flu, Sars, and Corona Viruses could all be treated with this new innovative home health device. It could even give mom a massage after a long day of home keeping.

FDA approval was rushed, and there were several investigations as to the tenacity of the FDA’s efforts. It was suspected but not proven that there was a political interest in pushing out the units. Doctors and hospitals lobbied against the move as health care is not a one-size-fits-all product. By classifying mothers as government employees and granting limited medical training the Orange Party was able to subvert the professionals at the time.

it’s notable that the Orange Party, staunch flat earthers in a time that had lunar and martian colonies, affected many instances of progressive technology, with mixed results. With this powerful voter base, every home now came with Dicks medical beds.

For two years home health was changing the way the world looked at the medical field, until, two teenagers from Boise were able to upgrade the system to create inline genetic mods.  Both boys created enhanced strength and extended their genital size by nearly 40%. Within 60 days the edits caused incurable errors across their bodies, which ultimately mutated into an erupting, non-viable mass. The medical beds were all retired and Dick’s ended its short stay as a household name.

Damon’s Law was enacted by congress and never let genetic modification enter into the hands of children again. Until 2145 when fashion Giant SurfaceTension rebranded the beds as cosmetics.

Developments in genetic and epigenetic medicine eventually made the home devices unnecessary, however, the ability of the protein bots, in conjunction with modern diagnostic and nanotechnology found a new home on the battlefield.

In the 22nd century understanding of artificial protein folding, and unfolding, combined with handheld quantum conscious slave processors allowed handheld hospitals to be handed out to field medics.

The AE 35 and the AE 2600 are both products of William’s Industrial, a company well known for its solid engineering and trusted devices.

Medics who frequently use the device often claim the slave consciousness is sentient, but it is most likely well programmed AI response algorithms.

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