Lenshier Magnetic Paradox:

The Lenshire Magnetic Paradox (or LMP for short), is a perplexing event where Lenshier-Magnetic Field, a magnetic wave entangled with a tachyon flow that negates itself by reversing its own timeline. It’s not known how, or why they are generated. Additionally, LMPs are impossible to generate as the moment that they are powered, they neutralize their own fields by traveling backward in time. These anomalies may occur in nature but can’t be studied due to the paradox they create. When a LMF is generated inside a charged Bümer-45/60Faraday cage it creates a divergent direction for the wave to flow, thus not flowing backward through time, but phase adjacent. With modifications to the Faraday Cages structure and proper manipulation of the LMF a physical connection to Bridgespace can be made and then reconnected at another point in the timeline.