There isn’t much time to think, only to act.  With no fatebending left, you can only rely on your gut instinct.  You swing your Vorpal sword across the dragons limb, and in an explosion of meat and ruby red scales your blade hews it away.  The dragon’s roar of pain echos across the wasteland.   With all your might you hold on to the beast as it staggers upward and away.

The Cyber Dragon falters for a moment, but then stabilizes high above the desert.  Its tattered limb slowly regenerating before your eyes.  It lifts up into the sky and you feel cold wind on your skin and the rush of air through your hair.   Below the ruins fade away and the blur that is the Helscape Hammerforge turns into well known lands.

You can see the iron pyramid structure of the Firebase Indica, the home port of the ships in the Hammerforge.  Here you will be able to report in, warn of the Asa lani Fel invasion, and your glory.  More importantly you will be able to tell the families of all the crew of the Decatur they died with honor. You have won the day, with wise choices, an no fears.

You land on the outskirts of the firebase, and the Mu lets you down.   It gives you a light nuzzle and then with a mighty blast of wind climbs back into the sky.   You doubt it, but you hope that you will meet again one day.