With ravenous might you draw your Vorpal Sword and ignite it.  The green rift blade forms and with a quick swing you hew the creature in half, blood and seared flesh exploding around you.  You drop your blade and pick up one half of the slug and squeeze salty metallic blood into your mouth.  Your training taught you that animal blood will hydrate you, and you drink as much as you can.  You vomit up the viscous fluid at first, then slow your pace  sipping from the other half of the carcass. Hundreds of squiggling worms rain out as its egg sacks were full and the survivors prematurely hatch trying to escape.

When no more blood will issue forth you collapse and close your eyes.  You intend only a moment of rest, but your body has other ideas.

When you wake you have no idea how much time has past. You climb to your feet and take in your environment.  You’re in a old ruin, there are broken tables and chairs mixed in with rocks and sand.  You can no longer see daylight from the various breaches in the wall and assume it is night.  You reactivate your Lightstone and its soft blue light fills the ruin.

You poke around for several minutes not really understanding what you are looking at. Desks, chairs, and strange tools with lots of buttons.  You dont read High Cimbri, and have no idea what the writing on the walls means.  You found what you needed, you should probably get back to the ship wreck.

Do you stay here or go back?

Time to fly, get back to the ruins and see if there is a rescue team.

Who knows what treasures are here. It won’t kill anyone to look a little longer.