Fire and force rocket you down the hole and you hit the floor like shot from a cannon.   It is dark and the only light comes from the the flickering remnants of burning fungus and Infector bits.  You throat is scorched, and you can barely squeak in pain from the burns.  You do not see your Vorpal though you had it only seconds ago.   You look around in the dark noting that the flames are getting brighter.

As you pull yourself up your ears are ringing and you can barely make out the harp like song of the Infectors.   You look back through the hole you came from and then they rain down like burning meteors.  Screaming and lashing out, not alive not dead, the Infectors spill all over you. No fear, Teutons can not know fear.

In their burning death they lash out at you.  Each has ten insect legs and chainsaw like bodies with rows of shiny metal teeth. They have a flail at the top of their head of steel tentacles with sharp mouths at the end and when they overwhelm you the mouths bite down and inject venom. It numbs you, stops your bleeding, and leaves you paralyzed.  Its so powerful it keeps you alive even with no flowing blood.

In screaming agony the burning monsters cut your head from your body, but not before the venom sinks in and keeps you from death  You watch as they succumb to the flames twisting and twanging like snapping banjo strings.  As their bodies burn you will soon lose the light.

You’re mission has failed and in the dying embers goes, the hope of the crew of the Decatur.  Their only respite, is they will never be forgotten by you.  No death, no life, just your head buried deep in the Hammerforge forever remembering the faces you love.