If you can find a route below the ancient buildings, that doesn’t go near the Infector hive, you might be able to reach the subterranean tunnels.   Then with luck or Fate you might come across a Tigir Caravan and get home!

You carefully descend into the ruins ever watching the shadows cast by your lightstone.   As you move past rock and broken building, you see a huge cavernous space open before you.   Barely lit by your lightstone the massive space looks as if it had a one time been an arena or training ground.   Thousands of folded seats circle a rectangular space overgrown with crystar growths and fungal colonies.  Neither luck nor fate have been with your recently and you discover in the center the 15 meter tall Infector hive.  Looking like aged old nether regions, the spire and mounds hold countless Infectors.  Harp like music echos in the artificial cavern and you know they are stirring.  The air is thick down here, wet and foul.

Crystar is a valuable mineral that arcs electricity when heated.   It’s used in ships cannons and in the pyroelectic engines of airships.  The crystal spires are intermingled with blister fungus, known to burn when dried out.   With the air as wet as it is, it would be difficult to start a fire, unless you had something very hot, something like a Vorpal Sword.

Light the fungal forest on fire and kill the hive once and for all

You don’t know that fire would even stop them, best to scout  on and find the tunnels.