Info cards for the intro scene of “The Parent Paradox”




  • There is little information about any historical Contact with anyone from the Hebe system. They were noted to have been observed by the USS Saratoga about a century ago and listed as pre warp, industrial. Saratoga had limited scans of the planet.  Captain Sinclair noted that the culture was overtly warlike and divided politically and thought it would be interesting to revisit them in a century or two.

Operations (Communications)

  • We are receiving the Federation standard distress beacon, but with no audio or visual message. Text only, encoded. As Follows: “United Federation of Planets outpost SE H 3 2245.2558.23 may day may day. Request immediate evacuation.”
  • The message repeats every two minutes.
  • The outpost is not responding to hails.

Science / Engineering/ Ops

SEH3 project outline

  • The United Federation of Planets, in lieu of the Hebbians developing FTL has created a covert base on the primary moon (Hebe A) to observe the planets warp development. Because of its location outside of Federation space it was deemed that First Contact would be delayed until the society began to leave its solar system or its technology was able to identify the ‘Duck Blind” (outpost SHE3)
  • Last Update: The Hebbian’s are on track to develop their first warp probe 71730.55 (in a few days from now). They are not using matter/antimatter but a rare combination of Electromagnetic and Quantum Level space distortions.  It is theorized that this system will be too inefficient to escape their solar system due to fuel and power restrictions. So far all their experimental flight have been destroyed.
  • Hebbian Sensors are more advanced that originally thought and may detect unshielded ships, shuttle craft, or transporter activity.
  • SUPER TREKNOBABBLE: The Hebbian’s are creating several micro wormholes using focused fusion reactors. The wormholes destabilize after .05 light years. The probe doesn’t enter the wormholes but rather uses them as guides. The propulsion is a non-topological soliton wave, known as a Q-ball. It’s generated by a thorium enriched hot reactor creates a one-time blast to trigger the wave. The probe is partially forced into subspace, and using the wormholes as rails, moves from point a to point b. This time of FTL drive has several issue;
    • No maneuverability
    • Short jumps at high fuel cost
    • Organic matter will be dissolved by radioactivity.

Medical Analysis of the Hebbians

  • Reports from the outpost note that they inhabitants are proto-klingon / Vulcanoid hybrids. They are 1.2 G accommodating (The gravity on their planet is slightly greater than earth standard 1G) They are unnaturally strong and resilient. One note is that they require a 2 year gestation period to produce twins or triplets.

Cultural report

  • There are heavy contrasts between the Saratogas initial report and the “Duck blind” reports, centering around a world war that happened 85 years ago. Genetic and nuclear weapons were deployed and nearly ended all life.  The surviving culture quickly rebuilt and started to move into the outer solar systems. However information wars have now spread across the planet and with disinformation campaigns and low level education their society is increasingly stratifying. It is likely that even if they do gain warp technology they will need several generations to be able to take advantage of it.
  • They have an honor code, but in recent years its definitions have been diluted. It’s closer to say the ultimate “honor” is winning. This was not always the case, but has occurred since the information age.


System layout

  • HEBE AG-17 is a main sequence type G star with a moderate cluster of mid orbital rocky bodies with two inner gas giants and six outer ice giants. There are 3 rocky worlds that all are class M (can support life) however only probes have been sent to these other worlds, no actual Hebeians have landed.
  • Of the three rocky worlds one is noted to have been visited by the Saratoga who had discovered the remnants of an ancient civilization. Details are classified, but it maybe why Starfleet deemed it necessary to monitor their warp program.
  • The planet with the ruins is listed as Hebe II


Navigational hazards

  • Black Betty a pair of binary black holes is in a 40k year orbit in the systems Oort Cloud.
  • Numerous planetoids are in trojan orbits around the ice giants and there are dozens of moons that may emerge from sensor blinds. It is recommended that probes be launched to map out the system prior to any investigation.


Based on recommendations from the character group on how to do it the Argo will enter orbit around the “Duck Blind” and send an away team to the planet.  Un shielded craft will be detected as will any subspace communications that aren’t encoded and directed away from the planet.  Transporters might be used with a Focus on Transporters to make them less visible.  Most likely a shuttle craft and environment suits will be needed. The moon is just like earth’s moon, not everything in space needs to be unusual or fantastic.