How to play… Solo Role-Playing Game

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How to play a solo role-playing game.

Solo (by yourself, alone)

Role-Playing (You pretend you are someone else)

Game (in this regard; reading a page that gives your character a choice, and then choosing the best option)

The 23rd Archive Solo Role-playing games are designed to immerse you in a fantastic world of mystery, horror, or science fiction. They are made so that you can imagine that you are the main character in the story.  You will read a few paragraphs and make choices based on what you think that character would do. There is no “Right” or “Wrong” answers.  Some endings might be fun, some not so much, but you can always go back and try again and see what would happen if you made a different choice.

You will notice that there are several links for words or concepts that aren’t in our modern-day world.  The story can usually be read without clicking all the links, however many of them are fun and some have additional downloads we call “Loot”.  These are PDFs with short stories or pin up art based on the stories you’re reading.

Have fun, choose wisely, and find some loot.


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