Higgs Array

One of the greatest mysteries of all time was the ancient pyramids of Egypt. In the late 21st century academics were sure they were built by humans, and their purpose, nothing more than to build something big. The reasons why a pyramid shape was simple. It is the easiest shape to support its own weight. The bigger the base, the higher the peak. All that flew out the window when the Clarke structure was found on the moon.

Although it was never established that “alien” life built the pyramids or the Clarke structure, it was confirmed by European astronauts that the pyramids had a purpose, and we hadn’t, until that moment, understood it.

In 2120 ESA’s Shackelton colony was doing scientific surveys of ambient Higgs boson density on the surface of the moon.  The Higgs boson’s being is difficult to find so the team had brought a mini particle accelerator, to attune the detectors. As predicted the PA fired up and created a momentary Higgs Boson, which the detector detected. Moments later half of their equipment suffered a massive EMP.  A second test, ordered by the mission commander, Sirinith Sandu, yielded a similar result, though this time they were prepared for it. Sandu was able to triangulate the EMP and discovered the Clarke/Sandu Pyramid, which led to the discovery of the Clarke Lunar Structure (Clarke Structure).

The Clarke structure was a series of interconnected 6-meter-high pyramids that could capture and redirect energy created from transitioning particles moving through the Higgs field. 

The world changed with access to unlimited power, and near utopian society was forged, until the cloud collapse. Although its been half a century since the cloud collapse, the grid continues to provide power to millions of devices and vehicles across the planet. One day it may fail, leaving a puzzling set of structures for the next species that evolves to uncover.