Higgs Array, Boson Sails, Higgs Sails

The most complicated things can, when focused on, be very simple.  The majority of human technology, often referred to as “Daedalus Tech” is created off the simple understanding that if you can generate a very specific type of magnetic field you can interact with the Higgs Field.

This means that through modulation of electromagnetism you can capture mass.

When the electromagnetic arrays are activated they immediately begin to draw Bosons out. Most instantly decay resulting in the firestorm of rainbow light associated with the arrays. Some bosons present as stable and are drawn through the scalar electromagnetic field and into a mass converter.

A mass converter is a series of moving radioactive elements that when focused on a stream of bosons cause them to share the same phase space. This spinning potential mass releases degrees of movement in a specialized molecular gel. The potential energy forces the molecules of the gel to line up and increase energy in its vectors.  The gel, known as cake batter or cookie dough, superheats and gains an additional fourth vector of movement. This draws the intense heat away from the material structure allowing for controlled amounts of heat to interact with nano-scale thermoelectric generators that contain the cookie dough.  The shape of the cookie dough will determine how the heat expresses itself.   This turns radiant heat into a focused and controlled area.

The rate of spin, the intensity of the boson bombardment, and the distance of the position and topography of the cookie dough determine how much energy is generated. The upper limit of generation is based on the breakdown moment of the cookie dough.

Radiation eventually will cause the dough to breakdown and lose its fourth vector. All heat that was extended into the fourth vector will conduct back into the previous three and overwhelm the material.

When the dough fails the unit superheats and mass bursts cause intense fermion disruptions. Basically, a small thermonuclear reaction occurs that spits out random blobs of super-heated matter.  Some burn sites can bleed heat and radiation far beyond the expected half-life.



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