“The final battle for all warriors is how we face death.  Both Teuton and god, are not immune.  I will grant you this last battle, though it may kill me, but if I live I can tell the world of the last of the machine gods,” you say.  You don’t fear death, but you have promise to keep, to deliver the fate of your crew to their families.

“My fight is not with you, it is with annihilation, oblivion.   So be it, tell them of Bostdyne, the ultimate.  The greatest of the machine g….” Its booming voice stops mid-word, and leaves nothing but a hollow echo.

There is a deep quiet, a strange respect for this unknown god, who fought your fathers, fathers. Legends say these gods were hundred of feet tall, and you wonder if you could ever dig it out.  What would it be to gaze on a machine god?  As you wonder, you hear a strange sound.  A rumbling, and then the roar of a pack animal. At first you think its a trick of  Machine god, but then you realize its the sweet sound of a Tigir heavy mover!

With fate and a swift pace you race through the tunnels and corridors searching for the source of the sound.  With joy and near in tears, you see it the massive train of vehicles and animals slowly pacing through a huge tunnel in the dark.

Finally it is over.  As you rush toward the caravan, their guards unaware of your plight fire off warning shots.  Horns sound, alarms are raised, and the hulk of caravan slows to a stop.   Armored Tigir scouts surround you, and command you on your knees.   They know, that even a beaten and starved Teuton is dangerous.  Still standing one brave Tigir approaches and asks, “Who are you?”

The only word you seem to be able to muster is “Decatur.”   It is all that was needed.   The Tigir lower their arms and welcome you home.   You have done what intended, you have brought the story back.  Soon you will be home, with glory for the brave crew of the Decatur.