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What do you get?

The first Tier, “One of the horde” is pretty basic. It’s mostly just saying “We love you, Jo, keep it up, and maybe one day you’ll be the George Lucas of webcomics.”

The second Tiers, “Giant Robot Fanboy” and “Under the Pink Sky” are for people who would like to have some of my art on their walls. They are $5 a month and you’ll get a premium printed 4 x 6 mini art card every three months.

Here’s a sample of the art…


This site has science fiction, horror, and illustrated serial light novels. Today we only have a few of these stories but I promise there will be more. I can’t do this without you!  Thank you for your time, check out the site, and let me know what you think!

Deeper Dive

BTS What is a Light Novel?

Special thanks to those who have helped in the past with editing, art, writing, and money.

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Inner Glow Illustration
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Friends and contributors

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Drew Moe (This is purely just for the street cred)

And finally Charles May who told me this was what I was going to have to do back in 2009.