Fate, luck, fear and focus pushes all thoughts away and you run as fast as you ever have.   A massive burst of of heat and fire punch into your back and send you flying.  You land face first into concrete and steel grinding your skin from the bone and teeth from your jaw.  Dazed and confused you oddly focus on the spatters of blood that drip from your mouth, how they mix with the dust, and reflect the firelight.  There is a strange ringing in your ears everything is blurry.  You breath in deep but your lungs and throat are seared, and painful wheezing overtakes you.  You fall on your back and expect death, but you see the blue sky and sunlight.

You blew the roof right off the arena!  Struggling up you see hundreds of Infectors have survived, covered in flame and black smoke, they rush towards you.

With little air in your lungs, blood pouring from wounds and only able to get to one knee, you ignite your Vorpal Sword and face death like your fathers before you….


The roof of the night…