With enough water for a few days, a good Lightstone, and your trusty Vorpal you head into desert.  Using the Solar Mag Sails from the Decatur you have fashioned an umbrella to protect you from the radiation.   You will only be able to walk in the morning and the evening.  The midday sun will be too much even with protection.  You are not a native to the Hammerforge, but you know the rules. If you’re lost in the wild left hand to the morning sun, right hand home.   Keep an eye out for the rainbows as dimensional fractures have water, and watch out for cyber infected plants.

The first night is rough, the second worse, and on the third you have run out of water.   After four days of walking, your skin is burnt, your eyes are half-blind, and you are starting to hear the voices of the desert spirits.   You know you’re close but your body will not make it.  You collapse in the sand, mouth dry, skin bubbling with radiation burns, and what water you have left spilling down your leg.

No one will ever know of your fate, and worse the crew of the Decatur will be forgotten.  Great heroes lost in the sand.   Darkness takes you and your bones bleach for the next 200 years.