Thirst and exhaustion overwhelm your body, the sun rips at you even with your sunskin nd you must find shelter now or die. Sand pours from the exposed ruin, and as you climb down the side and into the structure you must force yourself to focus.  The pain from your burnt skin, and your near exhaustion make even a simple task monumental.

You draw out your Lightstone.  A gift from one of your mothers, forged by the finest Suebi hands, and programed by the Cimbric High Researcher Cygnus. With a whisper, the little blue stone lights up and flickers like a lantern.  As you enter the ruin you can see it’s mostly dominated by sand and rock.  Looking less like a building and more like a cave, you navigate into the center of the structure.

You hear a squirming wet sound in the debris. Writhing in the old furniture and sand is the greatest treasure you could have hoped for; a six headed sand slug.  Six toothless mouths extend from a central worm-like writhing body with its full length no more than a meter.  These worms when nurtured and cared for can produce a nourishing milk. With several hours of gentle caresses and song the creature will vomit up a pasty blue emulsion that, when consumed, can heal wounds and restore health.   You don’t know if you will survive that long. If you kill it now, its blood will at least keep you alive.

You’re no farmer, and you don’t have time to waste with this foul thing.  Kill it and drink it’s blood.

This revolting thing may well save your life for several days yet.  A few songs, and some kind attention are a small price to pay for life.