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You decide this is not the place to resolve your differences and quickly climb back through the infrastructure of the city. You retrace your steps, somewhat rushed, and you don’t take the time to look back or cover your tracks. You just want to get out of there, get back to the familiarity of your empty home. Back to the problems of the day, the minor disputes, the irritating trivial tasks, that seem to be calling you away from the horror of rescuing the Baby-Eater.

No doubt the police are already on the scene saving the kids, and with equal assurance, you believe Juedon already knows about his son. Seth-Sagans brow is covered in sweat, his breathing heavy, but you don’t think it’s the rapid pace of your exit.

As you clear the vents that led you to the underground, you see the grav-car. There are officers already around and though you have limited cover several air tanks are approaching.

“Drop your weapons and down on the ground!” a magnified voice shouts.

You and Seth duck down behind some old piping and crates. Despite being outnumbered you still have a chance to get away.  With your GMO speed you could easily take out the first group of cops, assuming they don’t have Synths, and ditch into a nearby waste tube that you know about, but you’d have to leave Seth-Sagan behind. 

You look to Seth-Sagan, “What do we do?”

“There’s no good answer here kid.  I’m sorry I got you mixed up into all of this,” he says looking at his gyro-jet pistol

“I think I can make it, but I can’t take you. We will tell them we went to rescue the kids, that I killed him, tell them we went in to help,” you say.

“A GMO and a drug dealer went to whack a baby killer; sounds like the start of a sick joke. No, they’ll need someone to pin this on, even if I get out, Juedon will kill me. This is it,” he says.

“We’re coming in!” shouts the magnified voice.

Several officers are now moving towards you with weapons thirsty to fire. You launch two shots in the air and shout; “I’ll kill him if you get close!”

“What are you doing?”

“Delaying, I need time to think. You watched over me, and yeah, you’re fucked up, but you’re my dad as much as I have ever had one. And if anyone is going to kill you it’s gonna be me!”

“That means a lot KK, but I ain’t your dad, and I ain’t no good man, you just don’t know the truth. You fall back into the vents, you run and, I’ll distract them,” he says.

The police fall back to cover, unsure of what your threat meant. You see Seth-Sagan’s eyes finding answers in his pistol. You know he’s thinking ‘death-by-cop’.

This is your chance to get away. He’s right, he’s not your family, he just used you to sell dope. Let him make his last stand and use it for cover to get away. Then again, this whole world is evil. He speaks of truth, but what does he mean? The truth is obvious, everyone is fucked here in Paradise City, but maybe he means something else. Maybe this is the end for both of you, and maybe that is for the best. Time to die, but not quietly into the night, a blaze of glory, burning bright.

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