With your base of operations set up you can take small trips into the ancient buildings.  Deep below the ruins there are highways and byways that never see the sky. Endless tunnels and caverns that the Tigir Merchants use to move across the desert.  Only the Tigir navigators who have mastered space and time can lead a caravan through.  If you can find one of these routes you might get lucky find a caravan.

You have seen a hundred Tigir Caravans in your life, and you could see a hundred more and still be as impressed.  Each caravan is centered around a heavy mover, a multi-story vehicle that was once used to move large spaceframes or as mining trucks. These colossal vehicles are followed by hundred of pack animals, steam runners, and land movers.   The dust they raise can be seen for miles, the rumble on the ground the day before they arrive.  When they reach a city or firebase thousands of Tigir begin the most fascinating engineering feat.  With rope, canvasc and solar mag sails, they create a mountain of a tent around the heavy mover.  Using cooling and water stones the interior is transformed into a watery oasis, where goods and treasures can be traded.  The Tigir search for places like this, ruins of the first tribe, to find treasures.

The first tribe had knowledge of the stars and flesh, they fought gods, and though they didn’t win, neither did the gods.   Magic devices, weapons and vehicles can be found in these fallen cities, but there is also an Infector hive.   If you come across that you will not live long.   A weapon to stave of the Infectors would be good, but finding a way home might be better.

I’ve been here long enough, I’m going deep to try and find a caravan.

Time is on my side, I’m  going to see if I can find better tools and weapons first.