There is nothing greater in the lands of Victory than a cyber dragon.  The one you see is a Red ruddy color, often called Rosa Mu, and is small enough for you to take, but it will not be easy.  You quickly move from your cell and across the fallen buildings and ancient ruins.  You don’t want to disturb the Infectors, but the dragon wont be there for long.  You jump across a missing section of flooring and when you land the floor gives way.  Brand bright, you grab on to ledge and watch as the debris of the floor fall into the darkness.

As you pull yourself up you hear the harp like song of the Infectors start.   There melodic calls belie their deadly truth.  They won’t come in the  sun unless they are starved.   No fear, Teutons can not know fear.

You pull yourself up and rush out of the building no longer concerned with stealth.   Your exit of the building did not go unnoticed by the cyber dragon.  It spreads its wings wide and roars majestically and locks its bright red eyes with yours.  You ignite your Vorpal and its glittering green rift blade cuts the air. There is no going back.

Attacking it outright with all your fate could end this quickly, but the Mu is fast and powerful.   Letting the Mu Attack first and using your fatebending to not be hit could open the dragon up to a deadly blow.  Use your fatebending power to attack directly or juke and counter attack.

Die Dragon Die! All out fate boosted attack

No fear, let the dragon strike and fate yourself from dying.