You will need to move quickly to get to the close to the cyber dragon as it wont stay for long.  These majestic beasts can grow up to 300 meters from tip to tail and they can fly into and live in the molten ring in the sky.   Made of metal, Animus, and meat, they are cybernetic lifeforms, fusions from the gods and their machines of war. They must eat Animus to survive but the hull of the Decatur is dead.  The dragon will need living Animus, much like the lightstone you carry.

With brands bright you turn on your lightstone and hope the Dragon notices.  The serpentine creature roars so loudly that the sand jumps from the ground around it, and all things with souls know awe.  With mighty wings that beat too slowly to actually fly it rises up and locks its red eyes to yours.  It is the size of a horse with a wingspan that eclipses the sky.   It lands harshly on the roof of the ruin, just over your head, and you call to it with clicking sounds.

You  offer up the lightstone and its massive head  sniffs it, then with a forked and wiry tongue it swipes it from your hand and sucks it in to its maw.   You have seen these beasts before but there is something different about this one.  There is a gossamyr glow that emits from its thick glass scales, and its scent is wild like strawberries mixed with ozone. The ones that have been captured for racing, their horns blunted, their venom sacks cut, and they do not glow.  It moves toward you, awkwardly hanging off the side of the ancient building.  It too has brands and they are lit.   What fate is it trying to nudge you wonder.

Before you can decide what to do you here the harp like sounds of the Infectors calls out and the skittering claws of them rising from the depths of the ruin.

No time to think, Kill the dragon and run before the Infectors get here.

The dragon is trying to help you, jump on and hope he doesn’t eat you.