Dig a Little Deeper

“I know Ima badass GMO teen super cop, and I realize I’m one of the smartest kids in your playground, but I’m a liability. One day someone is going to see me for what I am. One drop of blood, one parkour kick to the face and people will figure it out,” you say.

“You let me worry about that,” says Seth-Sagan.

“I didn’t get this far without a little worry. The future ain’t bright for a little GMO person like me, and I know when I ought to shut up and take what I’ve been given.  I suspect you already have all the ‘yes’ men you want. You need someone who can think,” you say.

“A thinker is a worrier. I don’t know KK, is that what I need?” he asks.

“You need someone who thinks on their feet and doesn’t want to get caught any more than you do, but that’s not the question we should be asking, is it?”

“What’s the question, KK?” he asks.

You reply with: (choose below)


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