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Dig a Little Deeper

DIG  A Little Deeper

“I know Ima badass GMO teen super cop, and I realize I’m one of the smartest kids in your playground, but I’m a liability. One day someone is going to see me for what I am. One drop of blood, one parkour kick t the face and people will figure it out,” you say.

“You let me worry about that,” says Seth-Sagan.

“I didn’t get this far without a little worry. The future aint bright for a little GMO person like me, and I know when I ought to shut up and take what I’ve been given.  But I suspect you already have all the yes men you want. You need someone who can think,” you say.

“A thinker, a worrier? I don’t know KK, that’s not what I need,” he says.

“It is, but that’s not the question we should be asking, is it?”

“What’s the question, KK?” he asks.

You reply:

What do I get out of it? Why me? When do I start?

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