A gang that has generationally been the center of drug trafficking in Paradise City. Chain family (chosen family, not pod kin) form the backbone of an honor-bound organization. Elders work with city officials and politicians while street-level couriers and street samurai enforcers run various drugs and interface that give the general population a bit of numbing to keep them sane.

The Narco’s were founded when the 2231st tube gang was slaughtered by the city police. Rodgers MacNamara, the leader, used his considerable wealth to restore his 16 captains using whatever cybernetic parts were available.  Most didn’t survive but the six that did return the favor to the police ejecting the Cancari 569th police precinct from the Jovian superstructure. Since the incident, the Narcos leadership has been known as the Cyber six and they have maintained ruthless control of their territories.  Controlling the lateral and dorsal habitation zones through bribes of officials and owning the city police.