What treasures are held in here? This is a once in a lifetime chance.  You draw out a Lightstone and affix it to the hilt of your Vorpal Sword and create an easily held torch.  If you activate the blade, you won’t have drop the stone. The green glow of the blade doesn’t pierce as deeply into the dark.

The Vorpal Sword is from your home armory deep inside the Firebase Columbia. It has a class-2 dimensional rift blade that creates a molecule sized, rotating, space/time tear, capable of cutting any material.

Conquest of the unknown drives you through the half-buried building.  You find rooms filled with bones, desks, and fixtures, but nothing of worth.  No raw Animus, no lost spirits of old, and no food.  You push onward and come across an elevator shaft in the middle of the ruin.  You cannot see the bottom. With sword and torch on your belt you climb into the darkness.  Twenty five floors down and you discover the shaft ends in murky black water.   Teutons don’t swim, but you are very thirsty after the long climb.

Teutons can drink any water,  they are hard to poison.  You decide to take a few heavy draught and then head up.  Before you can get a sip a bony tentacle explodes from the water and wraps around your neck.  Thin needle-like spines cut into your flesh and bite down hard.   With a splash you fall into the  black abyss being chocked by something that looks like an exposed spine.  The water rushes around you and you are barely able to get a breath as your Vorpal Sword and the light fall from your belt.  Without light you may never escape this place, but if this thing kills you it wont matter.

Dive for the Vorpal before its lost in the deep water

Light your brands and fight this thing hand to hand while you still can