In 2130 a third grade class sampled and saved their combined emotional reactions to an old music file from over 100 years prior. The mixture of innocent awe, wonder, and excitement, was saved to share with the parents. The class AI, a Chaves & Aves level 6 processing unit, recorded the event and posted it on the emoshare platform “iamsam”. It was an instant hit across ground and orbit, but led to major changes in the legal system at the time

The viral hit  triggered the, now famous, Chaves & Aves inc. vs Chaves & Aves AI 161395-b legal battle over the ownership of the track. After a 9 year battle it was decided that it belonged to the children, with production credits going to the actual AI over the AI’s creator. The children, now teenagers, split a 89 billion credit payout from iamsam. The AI was then deactivated by the school board and donated to Chaves & Aves for research.

With more than 23 students sharing the rights to one of the most popular songs of the time, they collectively became known as the cult of DJ Trenix. It was popular until the decriminalization of pornographic share, which took down 80% of the market until the social reforms of the 23rd Century.

The song was brought to the class via Sabastian Lane, the great, great, great grandson of the original artist DJ Trenix.  At the fall of the cloud this type of music had grown once again obscure, only being heard for its sound, and missing the essential soul that made it a hit.

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