A wise Cimbri once said the best defense is a good offense. These Infector are the bane of the Hammerforge and one less hive wont be missed by anyone.   The interior of the arena is faintly lit by a greenish hue of the crystar growths.  Brands bright you stealth your way as close to the Infector hive as you can manage.   You can see its made of the rotting flesh and bone from animals and men.  The stench is turns your stomach as you know these bodies could be hundreds of years old.  Your mouth sours and your stomach wrenches as you realize some of the bodies are still moving.

You draw out your Vorpal sword, quietly, carefully. They are the most powerful weapons in the tribes and is illegal for anyone but a Teuton to carry.   The hilt is forged with Animus and Suebi Fungal Alloy, the only things strong enough to hold an active rift blade.  Each blade is unique in its color, size, and effect.  You blade is green like grass and can hew anything.  No metal, no alloy, no creature has ever withstood it. Vorpal swords are not quiet though.

With clap of thunder you ignite your blade and dig it into the the nearest fungal mass.   There is a flash of steam and a slight burn in the materiel but no fire.   The harp like sounds of waking Infectors pours across the cavern.

Like a wave of armored teeth, they explode from the roof of the hive!  They spread out looking for the source of the noise

Infectors each have ten legs and chainsaw like bodies with rows of shiny metal teeth hacking out at limbs and guts. They have a flail at the top of their head of steel tentacles with sharp mouths at the end.  When they overwhelm you the mouths bite down and inject venom. It numbs you, stops your bleeding, and leaves you paralyzed, alive, and sometimes in bits.

You wiggle the blade a little more but it only smolders and refuses to catch fire.  Time for plan B!   With blade drawn and brands bright you run, dragging the rift blade across blister patches and crystal trees. Meaty discharge sprays from the fungus and lightning scatters and shatters from the crystar.

At full speed, you run for your life, and as you do you hear above the twang of  of Infector song the welcome roar of fire.  You look back and a wall of flame swallows up the Infectors, but its not stopping!  Plan B was horrible.  You look around and see a crack in the floor that leads deeper down, but you know not where, or you can try to out run it and get back to safety.

Brands bright I jump into a hole

Down is death I need to get back to saftey!