Crybaby Queer

The Rainbow doesn’t always look bright, and the stories of its people are testament

to the challenges of being gay. Based on actual events from 1986, this retro-novel

takes you to the edge of the rainbow and back.

Start Here

 Set in San Francisco’s Castro District, it follows the path of a 15-year-old runaway who finds himself in a wild and decadent world. Running from sexual abuse and social isolation, Joey ventures into a new life where being gay is expected, sex isn’t a sin, and he is adored above all others. The only cost for all this freedom is in the white powder he shoves in his nose and the dirty deeds he must do to afford it. The adventure under the rainbow begins here.

Get a look under the rainbow

Get the deep dive into CBQ and learn what was behind the mind that created it. Learn who inspired what characters, what was real and what was pulled from the rainbow ether.

Discussions about production, what goes in what goes out, and the moods and music that fuel the art.  CBQ is one of those stores that has many layers and there’s a lot to tell about the Castro in the 80s


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ISBN# 978-1-61658