What Are Comic Scrolls?

A comic scroll is art, lyrics, media, music, and spoken word fused into an ongoing chronicle and presented in an ancient format. They are integrated into the web with QR codes but made to be held in your hands for that tactile satisfaction. We use modern storytelling tools to create trans-poetic, deep concept ideas delivered in a treasured and mystic format, made new again.

A scroll is more than just paper, as each has a nexus on the web. They will link to a place where you can hear music, spoken word, and art, that enhances the lore and depth of the characters and story.

These are not comics, webcomics, or light novels, they are something new. We are combining everything we love: art, sound, and web design, into a new and innovative format, that is affordable and accessible to everyone.


Our first two series are called “The Vatican Assassins” and “Sadie Romp: the Psychopomp.”  They are a poetic and spoken-word blending of artistic expressions.

Vatican Assassins is a comic-book-style adventure about time-traveling killers who clean up history by assassinating serial killers, dictators, and mass murderers.

“Sadie Romp: The Psychopomp” is the first in a series that will focus on neo-mythical archetypes from long-lost lore and have them moving in the modern world. Gods and goddesses walk through slice-of-life moments in a spoken-word poetic fury.

We hope that these scrolls will spark your imagination and inspire you to create.  Perhaps like scrolls of fantasy tales, they will create their own magic for you. Click on the image to see a sample of what we are creating and if you dig it, make sure you help us crowd-fund these magical tomes.

How To Use a Scroll

Once you get your scroll home, open it. (Do not drive and scroll).

Unroll your scroll and enjoy the fantastic art and story. Keep an eye out for QR codes, there will always be one at the end of the scroll, but sometimes we will sneak one into the art.  

Use your phone to link to the nexus page. If you are  on a desktop you can go to 23rdArchive.com and find the Nexus there. 

Once you land on the nexus page you will find additional art, story concepts, music, and videos that expand the lore and story.   

Welcome to modern storytelling.

Additionally the landing page will be a place where you can link to our community and interact with other fans and creators.